Really good, you are the first person on Substack that I have seen who actually understand this shit, obviously you are a coder;

I have been doing AI since 1980's, so I have played continously with all this crap over the years;

I too have written lots of articles on this chat-GPT shit that I'm now seeing;

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This is a great article - thanks for keepin' it real. Because of my own niche and direction, I'm partial to your note here on how AI won't replace artists, the meme made me laugh. I know there's a lot of fear, and a handful of people who will build their platform of vanity on the vitriol and opportunity that aforementioned fear provides.

We love AI as a tool. We love critical thinkers and AI working in conjunction to do cool stuff, make beautiful things, make practical things, and ultimately, serve the "greater good." It's a lot of surface level thinking and fear-mongering to think AI will "replace" someone--the counterpoint I think about is: what about your leaders who lead you astray in thinking you weren't replaceable? You shouldn't be replaceable, which is the bigger problem, your leaders should be identifying opportunities to use your talent and gifts in new and exciting ways alongside their AI investment.

Thanks for sharing the other side of the LLM coin, there are many flaws, in an article I recently did (Meet: Dash) we had ChatGPT spin up some scholarly material. I then asked it if the material was legitimate, and it kindly informed me that it was totally made up.

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